Mellophone Mini 1" Button Set (12 pcs)

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12 piece set of mini buttons especially for mellophone players. Shiny. Colorful. Not too serious. 

Includes the following:

- Mello is Life
- Peace Love Mello
- Plays Well with Others
- I played a mellophone and it was okay
- Three valves, endless possibilities
- Will play for donuts
- Mellophone pattern
- If I can't take my mellophone I'm not going
- Somewhat decent mellophone player
- I can't math, so I play the mellophone instead
- It's a mello thing, you wouldn't understand
- Mellophone on blue background

What can you do with buttons? Lots of things!
Pin them on shirts, jackets, hats, bookbags, scarves, and more. Give them as gifts, rewards, or lesson incentives.

If you prefer a more decorative approach, they can also be purchased with a magnet back instead of a pin. Great for lockers, refrigerators, whiteboards, and washing machines (why not?).

Students love to collect our mini buttons!

Save when you purchase more than one set! (no coupon code needed).

  • Dimensions: 1" in diameter (about the size of a quarter)
  • Also available in magnet form

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